halhoke Plumber Tutoring - Plumber Tutoring for the C.of Q. and Red Seal Exams
Fully Customized Tutoring for All Your   Learning Needs


Who Can Benefit From Plumber Tutoring


-  Plumbers Prepping for The C. of Q. Exam

-  Plumbers Prepping for the Interprovincial 

-  Apprentices in School

-  Students Prepping for Pre-employment Courses

-  Apprentices Prepping for School

-  Apprentices Prepping for the Interprovincial Exam

-  Plumbers Prepping for the Interprovincial Exam

-  Plumbers Prepping for the Contractor's Exam

- Plumbers New to Canada

What Can I Learn or Improve on?

- National Plumbing Code       - Stacks, Stack Vents     
  Book Navigation                      Vent Stacks, Vent Headers

- Wet Venting                          - Circuit Venting

- Water Distribution Sizing      - Storm Drainage

- Backflow Prevention             - Materials and Much More

- Test Writing Skills                  - Math Skills

- Anything Associated with the Interprovincial or C. of Q. Exam

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