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Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

Q:   How much does it cost?

A:    The cost is $50 per hour. A typical Tutoring session is two hours in duration.


Q:    How long will it take for me to be ready?

A:    This is a very common question. It depends on how much help you will need. Every Learner is different. You may just need a refresher on some Plumbing Math or you may require a full tutorial on water line sizing. If you have written and exam then you will have a pretty good idea where you need help. I adjust my Tutoring to your pace so you don't feel rushed but I am always amazed at how fast each session goes by as we work on the content together.

Q:    Do you have a specific course?

A:     All work is organized custom to your needs so there is no set curriculum.

Q:    Do you sell tests?

A:    I provide a free Review Package to all Learners I work with. It includes 50 DWV Diagrams from basic venting to yoke venting, covering wet venting, circuit venting, whatever you are looking for. It also includes several diagrams for residential and commercial water line sizing, offset math, builder's level, backflow, and storm drainage systems. I also supply a free DWV Test. In an additional email I share links to free products available for studying as well as Exams and training manuals that can be purchased online.

Q:    When are you available for Tutoring?

A:    Since I teach at a college during the day, I am free evenings and weekends.

        Evenings:  Monday - Thursday

        Weekends: Sunday during the day with the possibility of the odd Saturday.

Q:    How can I pay you?

A:    etransfer works best. With every transfer I reply with a note identifying the Tutoring date and service. This message can be saved and put towards a tax write off for training.

Q:    Are you a registered Teacher?

A:    I am Provincially Certified in Adult Education in addition to being a Red Seal Plumber, Gas Fitter and Cross Connection Control Specialist.

Q:     Do you Tutor overseas? I have applied for citizenship and need to pass the Interprovincial Exam.

A:     Yes, I utilize SKYPE as my tutoring delivery platform which allows me to work with people from all over the world. I have Tutored Plumbers located in the UK, Germany, India, Australia and all across Canada.

Q:    I am a trade qualifier who did not do in-school Apprenticeship Training in Canada. What is your advice on which steps to take?

A:     After you have been approved, I would suggest to write your exam. If you do not pass, it can be treated as a recognizance mission so you know what you are up against. They will provide feedback on how you scored in each of the blocks. If you pass on the first time... Well Done!

Q:    How long have you been Tutoring Plumbers online?

A:    I have been teaching at a college for almost 17 years and have been tutoring for 13 years.

Q:    How often should I see you?

A:    Most people see me one to two times a week depending on their schedule and how close they are to writing the Exam.

Q:    I have a learning challenge. Can you help me?

A:    I have worked with many Plumbers with learning disabilities. The key to my success is that I am eternally patient and I work hard to recognize how you are receiving the information and I will find ways to help chunk up the information into smaller pieces for easier digestion. I have also developed systems to help make understanding of topics easier. I also mentor Learners and provide advice on test writing skills, exam prep and help with how to best deal with test anxiety.

Q:    Do you guarantee that I will pass the exam after working with you?

A:    I would not trust anyone who makes such guarantees. The exams are quite challenging and routinely being altered by the governing bodies. I can however guarantee that I will work hard to help you be as best prepared for the exam as possible. 

Q:    Do you Tutor Plumbers while they are in school?

A:    Yes, quite often. But I avoid working with people attending courses at my own college to avoid any perception of conflict of interest.

Q:    Where are you based out of?

A:     Winnipeg, Manitoba. Right in the Middle of Canada.

Q:    My company wants to sponsor my Tutoring. Can they pay you directly?

A:    Yes, for sure.

Q:    Do you do group work?

A:    Yes. I have special pricing offers for group work.

Q:    My company/organization may be interested in having you do a seminar in-person at our location. Are you willing to travel?

A:    Yes I am. Rates and accommodations can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Q:    Are you eligible to work with Minors taking high school courses?

A:    Yes, I have a current clear criminal record search document that can be provided upon request.

Q:    I have an adult child that I am trying to get help for. Can you discuss their Tutoring with me?

A:    Yes, I can have discussions with you about your adult child's needs but once I start working with them, I will require their written consent allowing me to have any discussions about our time working together.

Q:    When can we get started?

A:    Shoot me a text anytime and we will get the ball rolling!





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